Established in 1994, Shop with a Cop Brown County, Wisconsin, is not just a Christmas shopping spree for underprivileged children. The annual holiday event is also a heartwarming and fun experience that encourages positive interactions between law enforcement officers and children. Shop with a Cop Brown County, Wisconsin, lays the foundation for trusting relationships. The Christmas event creates a ripple effect, shaping the children’s perceptions of law enforcement that extends into their adolescent and adult years.

Student Eligibility & Program Overview 

Every year, school counselors and social workers in Green Bay, Wisconsin-area schools nominate 100 deserving elementary students to participate in Shop with a Cop. The children pair up with police officers for the morning. They eat breakfast at McDonald’s, shop at Wal-Mart, and wrap gifts afterwards. Shop with a Cop Brown County encourages the children to give to others by selecting gifts for their immediate family. At the end of the shopping trip, they pick out one gift for themselves.

More Than Just Breakfast & Shopping

Shop with a Cop creates a camaraderie that closes the gap between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. Shop with a Cop goes beyond holiday gift-buying to be a relationship-building experience. Through the simple acts of eating breakfast, shopping, and gift wrapping, police officers build trust and positive relationships with the children. 

Brown County Law Enforcement Volunteers

Officers from a dozen law enforcement agencies participate in Shop with a Cop, volunteering their time on a Saturday morning in December.

Participating Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Ashwaubenon Public Safety
  • Brown County Sheriff’s Office
  • City of De Pere Police 
  • Green Bay Police Department
  • Hobart/Lawrence Police Department
  • Oneida Police Department
  • Pulaski Police Department
  • Seymour Police Department
  • University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Police 
  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • Wisconsin State Patrol
  • Wrightstown Police Department

Donate Today to Support Shop with a Cop 

Thank you to the law enforcement volunteers who participate and to all corporate and private donors. This special Christmas event for underprivileged children can only happen with the help of community donations. Please support Shop with a Cop.